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Healthy Church Matters

providing advice and mentoring in church health and growth


Healthy Church Matters


providing advice and mentoring on church health and growth

Natural Church Development

NCD is not a programme or a “quick-fix” to grow a church.  It is a different way of thinking and at its heart is the Scriptural picture of the church as a living organism in which God gives the growth.  It has been developed by Christian Schwarz following his research into thousands of churches.  It encourages us to think about the church (the body of Christ) as a living organism and about how we can work with God to facilitate the healthy qualitative growth of the church.  Its universal principles are applicable regardless of culture, denomination or churchmanship.


The tools provided by NCD are an important part of this process and Healthy Church Matters will help you to apply the principles of NCD using these tools.





Coming Soon:

  • the background to NCD
  • the trinitarian compass
  • the 6 six growth forces
  • recommended books