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Healthy Church Matters

providing advice and mentoring in church health and growth


Healthy Church Matters


providing advice and mentoring on church health and growth


Whilst in Coventry Diocese Martin Saxby was responsible for working with clergy and laity in developing the health of over 200 churches.  Here is a testimonial from one of the clergy involved:


As the leader of Urban Hope Church, an Anglican Fresh Expression of Church in Coventry, I was quite concerned when Martin was given the task of being our church's learning mentor, helping us to grow in the 8 Essential Qualities (identified by Natural Church Development). 

Our church backgrounds are quite different and I had my doubts that an 'outsider' would really "get us".  Well how wrong could I have been! Martin has been a brilliant support to Urban Hope, and a huge encouragement to me personally, he more than "got us" - Martin has helped us to grow.  I rate him very highly.

Rev Greg Bartlem
Urban Hope Church, Coventry 


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